Post Production Services In Chicago

If you’ve ever been involved in the post-production process, trust us – we know how tedious it can feel watching an editor tinker endlessly with your video or commercial. But we figured out why the process is a total pain for most people: Because it’s not collaborative enough. That’s why Blair Holmes changes that from the moment you walk through the door of our post-production suite.

What ideas do you have? What would you love to feel throughout the piece? What’s striking you good from what you see so far and what’s not resonating? As you begin to see what’s possible thanks to our talented team and technology, you’re sure to feel the excitement of witnessing graphics and recordings bringing the script to life.

Beyond collaboration, it’s also just more efficient too.

Can we do video approvals via FTP? Yes. But you also have a lot going on in your day that could make it difficult to keep the approval process humming right along. When you visit Blair Holmes in post-production, you’ll be able to maximize your time by working on the project right alongside us as we make revisions on the fly and rapidly get to the stage we all want: Happiness.

Give us a visit just once.

We’ll show you how post-production can actually be an immensely enjoyable experience.